Abus Tresorflex 6615c 85cm x 15mm Combination Lock + SCMU Black

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Abus Steel-O-Flex Tresorflex 6615c Combination Cable Lock Recommended for protecting entry-level and children's bicycles the ABUS TRESORFLEX 6615c STEEL-O-FLEX COMBINATION LOCK offers good protection in low theft risk situations. A plastic outer coating on the 85cm length cable is thoughtfully included to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork. Combination Lock For Keyless Security The ABUS TRESORFLEX 6615c CABLE LOCK has an individually resettable 4-digit numerical combination lock code allowing you to share the lock with other family members without needing to worry about keeping track of who has the keys when it's your turn. Purchase includes a Snap Cage Mount Unit (SCMU) bracket which is easily mountable to bike frames with a diameter of 15 - 55 mm. You'll find it simple and convenient to use in daily life. Steel Sleeves & Cable To Deter Thieves This cleverly designed ABUS TRESORFLEX 6615c CABLE LOCK is full of fine-quality Abus attributes and presents with 15mm thick steel sleeves that envelop the internal steel cable to make things twice as difficult for would-be thieves. In addition, the mechanism of the Steel-O-Flex Tresorflex 6615c is well equipped to protect against tampering thanks to its special touch protection.
• Abus 85cm cable lock anti-theft protection for your bicycle (Tresorflex 6615c) • Ideal for protecting childrens' bicycles & entry-level adult bikes • Intelligent combination lock technology • Snap Cage (SCMU) bracket included for use on seat post, bike frame, or rack stays • SCMU accommodates mounting to bike frames w/ diameter of 15 - 55 mm • 15mm thick, overlapping steel shells protect the internal steel cable • Plastic outer coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork • Steel-O-Flex locks offer significantly higher security than common cable locks • High flexibility (Double Protection) • Good protection in situations where the risk of theft is low Combination Lock Features • Individually resettable 4-digit combination code • Combination locks eliminate the need to keep track of keys • Clearly-moulded digits on the number wheel • Dark-touch function facilitates use in the dark thanks to special imprinting • Special touch protection for increased security against tampering • Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits Specifications • Product Name: Abus Tresorflex 6615c/85/15 + SCMU • Material: Steel-O-Flex Steel sleeves & steel cable | plastic outer coating • Colour: Black • Locking Type: 4-Digit Number Combination (re-settable) • Abus Security Level: 7 • Cable Thickness 15mm steel • Cable Length: 85cm • Lock Weight: 705g • Lock Holder Weight: 40g • Country of Manufacture: Germany