Jagwire MTB/Road Elite Sealed Shift Cable Kit Black for SRAM + Shimano

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Precise Crisp Shifting for SRAM/Shimano Road and Mountain To deliver precise, crisp shifts the JAGWIRE 1 x ELITE SEALED SHIFT CABLE KIT housing uses a continuous liner that seals the system, completely protecting it against dirt, mud, debris or other contaminants. It offers the ultimate combination of protection and low-friction performance for bikes with a rear derailleur or internally geared hub only. Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Inner Cables To ensure the best possible performance, Jagwire have paired Elite Polished Ultra-Slick inner cables with their friction-reducing Slick-Lube continuously-lubricated liners. This combination delivers precise cable movement and excellent durability. Up To 30% Lighter Than Traditional Shift Housing Lightweight XEX shift housing is nearly 30% lighter than traditional shift housing and is available in Stealth Black, Red or White. Once installed, this JAGWIRE 1 x ELITE SEALED SHIFT CABLE KIT will improve your bikes' performance and its overall appeal. Kit Contents 1 x 2200mm XEX Shift Housing 1 x 2300mm STS-EL Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Shift Inner Cable 1 x 2225mm Slick-Lube Liner 1 x LEX-SL 4mm Shift Housing Segments, 300mm 2 x Open Brass End Caps 4 x Open Alloy End Caps for 5mm Housing 1 x Open Alloy End Caps for 4mm Housing 1 x Pro Indexed Inline Adjusters (4mm/5mm) 1 x Housing Connectors (4mm/5mm) 1 x Cable Tip 1 x Grub Seal 1 x 5G Tube Top 1 x Rotating Hook
• Jagwire Road or MTB 1 x Elite Sealed Shift Cable Set • Elite Polished Ultra-Slick inner cables • Lightweight XEX shift housing • Slick-Lube continuously-lubricated liners • Pre-stretched spiral-bound cables • Housing available in Stealth Black, Red, White Bonus Points For These • Delivers precise cable movement • Slick-Lube liners minimise friction • Enhances your bike appearance and performance • Weighs less than traditional linear strand housing • Continuous liner runs from the levers to the derailleur • Sealed housing protects cables from dirt, mud and other contaminants Specifications • Product Name: Jagwire 10 x Elite Sealed Shift Kit • Fits Brand: Shimano, SRAM shifting systems • Regime: Road or Mountain Bike (MTB) • Part Number: SCK020 • Colour: Stealth Black • Housing Construction: XEX • Outside Diameter: 5.0mm • Housing Length: 3200mm • Liner: Slick-Lub • Liner Length: 2225mm • Cable Construction: STS-EL • Compatibility: SRAM®/Shimano® Road and Mountain • Cable Length: 2300mm NOTE: 5.0mm shift housing and 1.9mm inner liner may not be compatible with all frames and components