Knipex 71 02 200 CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter 200mm

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Knipex CoBolt Bolt Cutters - Small Tool, Big Impact The high-quality and very versatile KNIPEX COBOLT BOLT CUTTER can do much more than just cut. Thanks to the useful gripping surface directly below the joint it can also grip and pull as well. This function makes it especially valuable to farmers, landscape gardeners, forestry workers, fencing contractors and others. Made In Germany To Strict High-Quality Standards The KNIPEX COBOLT BOLT CUTTER (71 02 200) is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards using premium materials to give you the best results. Its handles with multi-component grips are non-slip and the tool is designed overall to be a joy to use - even for long periods. Also ideal for snipping through bicycle wheel spokes, the cutting force produced by the Knipex CoBolt is over 30 times higher than the hand force applied. Pleasingly, this tool requires 60% less effort to operate than conventional high-leverage diagonal cutters. Use As A Lever To Remove Twisted Nails Or Staples Be sure to take advantage of the gripping and pulling feature. Simply take hold of the wire by the gripping surface, hold the CoBolt like a T-iron to apply high tensile forces. In addition, the gripping surface may be used as a lever to remove twisted nails or staples - for example in construction, drywall installation, carpentry, fencing or demolition work. Comfortably Sized To Fit Easily In The Hand Those accustomed to working with standard bolt cutters will appreciate how user-friendly the KNIPEX COBOLT BOLT CUTTER (71 02 200) is in all situations. Comfortably sized at 200mm length to fit easily in the hand, this tool weighs less than 400g and makes a powerful partner in demanding situations, such as when working above head height. Cutting the hardest wire is no problem, and even piano wire up to a diameter of 3.6 mm can be cut with ease. When cutting bolts, nails and rivets up to a diameter of 6 mm (in the case of soft material), you'll truly enjoy the benefits of maximum power and convenient handling. Induction Hardened , Chrome-Vanadium Steel Fitted with precision cutting edges made of chrome-vanadium high performance steel (induction hardened) the KNIPEX COBOLT BOLT CUTTER guarantees the greatest cutting edge hardness. The especially efficient lever action mechanism delivers an extremely favourable lever ratio with simultaneously low friction. The CoBolt also works to reinforce the hand force used to grip the handles 35 times over.
• Knipex Bolt Cutter tool for cutting bike spokes, bolts, chains, wire mesh & more • Precision cutting edges for soft, medium, hard wire and piano wire • Cuts bolts, nails, rivets, etc. up to 5.2 mm diameter • Cutting force over 30 times higher than the hand force applied • Induction hardened cutting edges • Cutting edge hardness of approx. 64 HRC • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened • Micro-structured cutting edge allows easy cutting of large cross-sections • Sturdy, non-slip, two-colour, multi-component handle grips w/out collar • Large contact surface on the handles for better application of pressure • Manufactured in Germany under strict quality-control conditions User Benefits • Exceptional cutting performance with little effort • Powerful cutting due to highly efficient joint design • Reinforce manual force 35 times over • Ingenious lever-action mechanism • Suitable for large cross sections up to 6 mm • Grip & pull wires, nails etc (from 1.0 mm) using gripping surface below the joint Cutting Capacity • Soft Wire: 6.0 mm (diameter) • Medium Hard Wire: 5.2 mm (diameter) • Hard Wire: 4.0 mm (diameter) • Piano Wire: 3.6 mm (diameter) Specifications • Brand: Knipex • Model: Bolt Cutter Pliers • Dimensions: 200 x 62 x 21 mm • Weight: 365 g • Colour: Red/Blue/Black • Article No: 71 02 200 • Pliers: Steel - black atramentized (rust protected) • Handles: Steel with slim multi-component grips • Blade: Chrome Vanadium heavy-duty Steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened • Country of Manufacture: Germany Technical Attributes • Reach: Yes • RohS: No