Knipex 74 02 250 High Leverage Diagonal Cutter Pliers 250mm

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Knipex Practically Indestructible Diagonal Cutters Thanks to their high cutting capacity and indestructible strength, these 250mm length KNIPEX HIGH LEVERAGE DIAGONAL CUTTERS are highly valued especially by tradesmen. They are often used on building sites and in manufacturing because they can be used to cut hard materials such as piano wire up to 3.0mm diameter with ease. Precise Machining Delivers Impressive Results In addition to the premium-quality forged metal parts made of high performance chrome vanadium tool steel, the KNIPEX HIGH LEVERAGE DIAGONAL CUTTER offers a sharpness and angle of the cutting edges which makes sure that the material to be cut is always cut cleanly and precisely. User Friendly Ergonomic Design Built to an ergonomic design which makes work much easier for the user the KNIPEX HIGH LEVERAGE DIAGONAL CUTTER is a tough, strong and reliable tool for professional users. The multi-component grips ensure additional comfort. The weight at 437g is favourable in relation to the high cutting capacity. Precise Cutting Of 4.6mm Medium-Hard And 3mm Piano Wire Due to its particularly strong design with forged joint axle the KNIPEX HIGH LEVERAGE DIAGONAL CUTTER is an extremely stable tool. It offers high cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle and transmission ratio. Its precision machined cutting edges additionally induction-hardened (cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC) ensure its suitability for all sorts of wire including 3mm piano wire. Manufactured In Germany To The Highest Standards The KNIPEX HIGH LEVERAGE DIAGONAL CUTTER TOOL is designed for those who work professionally with tools every day and is intended to deliver many years of productive use. This product is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards using premium materials to give you the best cutting results every time.
• Knipex reliable diagonal cutter tool for professional users • Precise cutting of medium-hard and hard wire as well as piano wire • Large high leverage diagonal cutters (250 mm long) with forged joint axle • Cuts piano wire (spring steel wire) up to 3.0 mm diameter • In relation to the cutting capacity, comparatively low weight at 437 g • Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC • Suitable for copper conductors up to 16 mm² • Suitable for aluminium conductors up to 35 mm² • Production according to high standards for best work results and a long service life • Ergonomic handle design sits firmly in the hand • Chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil hardened in multiple stages • Manufactured in Germany under strict quality-controls Cutting Capacity • Hard Wire Rope (diameter): 3.5 mm • Wire Rope Strand, Steel Wire (diameter): 3.5 mm • Medium Hard Wire (diameter): 4.6 mm • Piano Wire (diameter): 3.0 mm • Spring Steel Wire (diameter): 3.0 mm Specifications • Brand: Knipex • Model: High Leverage Diagonal Cutter • Weight: 437 g • Dimensions: 250 x 55 x 24 mm (L x W x D) • Colour: Red/Blue/Black • Head: Polished steel • Handles: Steel with multi-component grips • Surface: Atramentized (rust protected) / Lacquered / Burnished • Material: Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened • Country of Manufacture: Germany Technical Attributes • Article No: 74 02 250 • Standard: DIN ISO 5749 • Reach: no • RohS: no