Knipex 90 20 185 PlastiCut Flexible Hose Cutter 185mm

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Knipex Compressed Air Hose Cutter The KNIPEX PLASTICUT CUTTER is a tool suitable for various industries where compressed air hoses are used. The pipe cutter can be used for cutting thin walled plastic pipes (armoured pipes) and hoses made of soft plastics and rubber (also fabric reinforced) up to an outer diameter of 25 mm. Clean Cuts Every Time A trapezoidal blade component of this product cuts two cut edges simultaneously and is most often used as a pipe cutter for hoses and protective pipes. Due to the trapezoidal shape, the blade firstly cuts wedge-shaped into the material. The manual force initially acts on the tip of the blade and, during the cutting process, follows the shape of the material in a circular (radial) way from the inside out and onto the material. This prevents the kind of distortions which can arise when cutting using a conventional shearing action with two straight cutting edges. No Additional Finishing Required On Cut Edges The KNIPEX PLASTICUT CUTTER (90 20 185) automatically produces right-angled cuts with each correct use due to the exact positioning of the material in the hose and protective pipe cutter, and the wedge-shaped blade. After cutting is completed no finishing (e.g. deburring) is required on the cut edges. Whether cutting plastic armoured pipes or fabric-reinforced hoses - e.g. for compressed air: the effort required is low due to the favourable angle of entry of the blade. Hence, very little effort is needed because the material has already been cut into. Great For Large Projects With Several Work Processes The opening spring assumes the work of opening for the user during each cutting operation. The spring presses the handles apart and opens the shears while reducing manual force. This is a great advantage, especially during large projects with several work processes. The material to be cut is positioned and secured in the wide, half round support. The pipe cutter for hoses and protective pipes ensure the right-angled position of the material to the blade. This enables cuts to be made in quick sequence using the pipe cutter for hoses and protective pipes. Manufactured In Germany To The Highest Standards The KNIPEX PLASTICUT CUTTER (90 20 185) is manufactured in Germany to the highest standards using premium materials to give you the best cutting results every time. Professional users can expect a quality that permits simple and safe work, as well as a tool that lasts for many years of hard use. A pawl is integrated to keep the shears closed during storage and transport.
• Knipex Plasticut pipe cutter for items up to an outer diameter of 25mm (1-in) • Requires very little physical effort to operate • Designed for cutting thin walled plastic pipes (conduit plastic pipes, armoured pipes) • Suitable for cutting hoses made of soft plastics & rubber (also fabric reinforced) • Cleaner cut and faster results than using a hacksaw • NOT SUITABLE for cutting cables • Opening spring and locking device for ease of use • Precise, technically perfect and cut edges free of burrs • Tool body made from shock-resistant, fibreglass reinforced plastic • Replaceable blade made from special tool steel, oil-hardened • Trapezoidal blade penetrates the centre of the material and cuts two cut edges • Manufactured in Germany under strict quality-controls Specifications • Brand: Knipex • Model: PlastiCut Cutter • Weight: 172 g • Dimensions: 185 x 70 x 25 mm • Colour: Red • Head: Chrome-Plated steel • Tool body: Plastic, fibreglass-reinforced • Handles: Tough fibreglass reinforced plastic handles • Blades: special tool steel, oil-hardened, interchangeable • Replacement Blade: 90 29 185 (sold separately) • Article No: 90 20 185 • Cutting Capacity: 25 mm (diameter) • Cutting Edge Length: 25 mm (diameter) • Country of Manufacture: Germany Technical Attributes • Reach: Yes • RohS: No