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Park Tool PressFit Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set

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The BBT-90.3 Park Tool PressFit Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set is designed to remove and install the bearings and bearing units used in BB86, BB91, BB92, Shimano Press Fit, SRAM Press Fit GXP, Race Face Press Fit and other PressFit bottom bracket systems using the nominal 24mm spindle. The set is supplied with a bearing removal tool, which slides through and expands behind the bearing (like a head cup remover) so it can be tapped out with a hammer.
The BBT-90.3 kit also includes two installation bushings #669. Use the bushing in conjunction with an HHP-2 or HHP-3 Bearing Cup Press to press the bearings into the frame. Don't risk damaging your expensive frame using the wrong tool trying to take out a modern press-fit bottom bracket. This tool takes literally seconds to remove both cups with only a mallet.
BEARING REMOVAL: 1. Insert and pull removal tool through bearing or bearing/sleeve unit until flared end of tool snaps behind bearing or sleeve. 2. Strike tapered end cap with hammer to drive bearing or bearing/sleeve unit from frame. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on opposite side to remove second bearing or bearing/sleeve unit.
BEARING INSTALLATION: 1. Assemble installation bushings, bottom bracket bearings, bottom bracket shell, and headset press. 2. Turn handle of bearing cup press, making sure the bushings, bearings, and bottom bracket shell stay aligned. 3. Continue pressing until each bearing bottoms against the stop (a snap ring or machined stop) inside the bottom bracket shell.
Compatible with • BB86 • BB91 • BB92 • Shimano Press Fit • SRAM Press Fit GXP • Race Face Press Fit • any other PressFit Bottom Bracket Systems using the nominal 24mm spindle