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POC VPD System Lite Elbow Guards Uranium Black

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VPD (VISCO-ELASTIC POLYMER DOUGH The VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) range offers extreme impact absorption, which has given a completely new approach to developing body armour. VPD is highly impact absorbent, comfortable and adapts to create an individual fit and due to its high level of protection and the ability to transition from soft to hard during impact, you don’t have to choose between safety and flexibility. Many protectors are lightweight, but may not be optimal for shock absorption. Some can take one impact with good shock absorption, but a second impact to the protector will transfer a much higher amount of energy to the user, the third an even greater amount and so on. VPD material retains the same high absorption level, and that is an important property, since we believe that a protector will have several impacts during one fall, and during its lifetime. Flexible & Ventilated Protection VPD System Lite is the most ventilated protection yet. Combining breathability with low friction and high impact absorbency, this 3Dmoulded elbow protector delivers confidence, comfort and protection for every trail rider. With a mesh fabric on the inner, and large ventilation channels across the protector, these elbow pads won’t cause overheating. Reinforced fabric on the outer means they can withstand impact after impact without sustaining damage.
• 3D moulded VPD protection • Large ventilation channels which ensures extreme ventilation • Mesh fabric on the interior optimizes moisture management • Sleeve constructed with a reinforced fabric in the front panel for a precise and secure fit