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Silca Floor Pump 30mm Italian Made Leather Washer 741

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Hand cut on a small press in Milan, Italy and then pressure-formed with steam the 741 Silca Floor Pump Leather Washer is the same reliable 30mm diameter washer that's been used on all Silca pumps since 2008 when Pista and SuperPista pumps moved from steel barrels with 28mm inner diameter, to aluminium barrels with 30mm diameter. The 741 Leather Washer fits all 2008 and later pumps with 30mm inner diameter. If you are in doubt, try a magnet on your pump barrel, if it sticks, buy the 731, if not, this one's for you.
From a purely functional standpoint, inexpensive O-rings are most commonly used in this application, but no O-ring can continue to seal accurately once the pump barrel is hot from inflating more than a few wheels and that is why the leather washer has maintained its popularity year after year. In addition to that, we bet you didn’t know that since the 1960's, all Silca leather washers have come from the same leather converting house in Milan using excess material left over from the production of designer handbags, luxury Italian car interiors, and high-fashion luggage. Amazing!
• Suits post-2008 model Silca Pista and Super Pista pumps
• Fits 30mm internal diameter
• Made from finest quality full grain leather
• Produced by hand in Italy on the same equipment since 1960
• Upgraded from 2.25 to 2.50mm thick leather for improved durability
• Hand crafted in Milan, Italy
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