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Stan's NoTubes Race Sealant 946ml

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So, how do you make a tubeless tyre sealant like Stan's NoTubes Race Sealant that can seal punctures better and more quickly than anything else you're likely to find in your travels? Well you get the man himself, Stan Koziatek, to spend 15 years having every formula variation of his great 'wonder-product' road tested in the mechanics' pits at practically every U.S. National or International level event until he's convinced he's found a clear winner. The secret to Stan's NoTubes Race Sealant has everything to do with using twice the amount of Stans' amazing "magic crystals" suspended in an all-natural, liquid rubber latex along with his special "XL crystals" which are just the thing for sealing those annoying larger punctures. These crystals interlock to form a lattice-like shield that not only seals, but strengthens and reinforces, the area of the puncture, allowing for an entirely new level of sealing performance. Please note that the quantity and size of the crystals used in this special formula means that Stan's Race Sealant can only be installed directly into the tyre. Users should be aware that as a result of its colossal & fast-acting sealing capabilities, the Race Sealant will clog injectors and smaller bottles almost immediately. Brought to you by the company who invented tubeless conversions and designed more specifically for big events or occasions where you really, really want to avoid getting a flat, Stan's Race Sealant is most definitely the next level in superior sealing power. Recommended quantity per tyre Metric • 23 - 60mm use 2-3oz • 63 - 100mm use 3-4oz Imperial • 1.0 - 2.4 inches use 2-3oz • 2.5 - 4.0 inches use 3-4oz
• Virtually eliminates flats with its colossal sealing capabilities • Pours directly into the tyres via a special cap on the bottle • Seals both small and larger puncture holes • Produces puncture sealing clots more quickly to reduce 'down-time' • Works super-fast to prevent air loss from the tyre • Lasts for up to 6 months depending on conditions • For best performance, inspect every two weeks to assess replenishment requirements • Premium low-viscosity natural rubber latex coats the tyre’s sidewalls for quicker sealing • Stabilises tyre area intrusions with a stronger seal to get you home, or to the finish line • "XL" crystals and standard "magic" crystals combine to seal larger punctures • Lets you use less sealant overall to achieve the same results as other products • Viewing window on the side with graduated markers in mL & oz to measure content levels • Gives you the freedom to ride in the widest range of conditions and temperatures • Perfect for extreme conditions, even sub-zero temps as low as -6.6° Celsius (-20° Fahrenheit) • Suits Tubeless and Tubeless converted tyres • NOT COMPATIBLE with Tubulars and Inner Tubes • NOT SUITABLE for injecting through your valves • MUST BE POURED DIRECTLY INTO TYRE • This product WILL CLOG ALL VALVES & INJECTORS INSTANTLY if used incorrectly • Environmentally safe • Non-Hazardous, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic • Contains: Natural rubber latex • Bottle volume: 946mL | 32oz • Bottle weight: 1kg