WEND Wax-On 3.78L Hot Melt Chain Wax Lube Bulk Can

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Wend Hot-Melt Paraffin Wax Based Chain Lube Once you have this 3.78 litre bulk can of WEND WAX-ON HOT MELT CHAIN WAX LUBE and an Ultra-Sonic Cleaner you can really get to work on looking after a bike chain properly. This a great cost-saving investment for cycle clubs and commercial workshops. It will even save money, in the long term, for those doing regular bike maintenance at home with a family of bikes. Remove Pre-Existing Dirt And Oils Before Waxing Start with any chain free from dirt and oils. For a previously waxed chain it is suggested that a mixture of 50/50 water and water-based degreaser at 80°C in an Ultra-Sonic Cleaner will assist with proper cleaning. Others might simply prefer to use WEND Wax-Off Chain Cleaner (sold separately) and a microfibre towel. Heat The Wax To 80°C Once the chain is clean and ready for waxing, load your dedicated Ultra-Sonic Cleaner with enough WEND WAX-ON HOT MELT CHAIN WAX LUBE to ensure the chain will be fully submersed when lowered in the basket. Set the Ultra-Sonic device to 80°C and allow the wax to melt completely. Run The Ultra-Sonic Cleaner For 3-5 Mins Load the chain (with Quick Link locked) into the basket and submerse it into the WEND WAX-ON bath. Run the Ultra-Sonic Cleaner for 3-5 mins whilst agitating the chain manually by "shaking the basket with your hand" being careful, of course, not to splash wax on yourself. Remove Excess Wax Then Leave To Dry Once done, lift the basket from the wax bath and tip the chain onto a clean paper towel. Lightly wipe the chain with an additional paper towel to remove some of the excess wax then leave until fully dry before reinstalling onto bike. The Most Efficient Chain Lubrication Method To Date It is no secret that the most efficient chain lubrication method to date is immersing a chain into a vat of molten paraffin wax. WEND WAX-ON HOT MELT CHAIN WAX LUBE uses a sophisticated paraffin-based formula which also includes proven lubricants such as Zinc and Teflon as friction reducing additives to make for an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train. Great Pushys Online Price For 3.78 Litre Bulk-Buy-Deal If you've tried all of the various wet and dry lubes and discovered that WEND WAX-ON HOT MELT CHAIN WAX LUBE is the one you prefer then take advantage of this 3.78 litre bulk-buy-deal at our great Pushys Online price for your home, cycle club or commercial workshop.
• Bulk purchase your WEND Hot Melt Chain Wax Lube • Ideal for home or commercial workshops • The best to have when only the hot-waxing method will do • Works for Road, MTB and CX chains • Requires use of an Ultra-Sonic Cleaner • Ensure chain is free of dirt and oils before waxing • Formula includes friction reducing additives • Promotes an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train • Extends chain and sprocket life • Paraffin wax based chain lube • Large 3.78 litre container (3785ml | 128oz | 1x Gallon) • The most efficient chain lubrication method to date • Made in California, USA • KEEP LID ON TIGHT TO ENSURE PRODUCT REMAINS FRESH