Wolf Tooth Goatlink 11speed MTB Shimano Rear Derrailleur Extender

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Extended Gearing, Quiet Drive Train The GoatLink 11 hanger extension offsets the position of your 11-speed Shimano mountain bike rear derailleur allowing you to be able to run a wider range cassette while improving performance. The ergonomics and reliability of Shimano shifters and derailleurs remains unchanged. The result is an extended gear range, simplicity and quietness of SRAM 1x11 drivetrain. Improved Performance Wolf Tooth’s project began with the desire to run 11-speed Shimano derailleurs and shifters with SRAM 10-42t XD cassettes. The combination can work without modification but performance is sub-par from Shimano and SRAM's finest. When used with a 10-42t cassette, the GoatLink 11 re-positions SLX M7000, XT M8000 and XTR M9000 rear derailleurs so that free chain length between the cassette and the top derailleur pulley is within 1% of what Shimano intended while cassette tooth engagement in the smallest cog is improved by 27%. Knowing that certain situations call for a range beyond that provided 10-42t or 11-42t cassettes, Wolf Tooth have tweaked the GoatLink 11 to also significantly improve Shimano 11spd rear derailleur performance with extended-range like the Wolf Tooth GCX44 modified 10-44t XX1 or X01 cassette. Compatibility • Cassette • Compatibility • 11-40 • Not Required • 11-42 • Not Required • 11-45 • GS/SGS Derailleur • 11-46 • GS/SGS Derailleur • 10-42 • GS/SGS Derailleur • 10-44 • GS/SGS Derailleur (Wolf Tooth GCX44) • 10-45 • Not Optimized • 9-44 • Not Optimized Other notes: • The GoatLink 11 is compatible with SLX M7000, XT M8000 and XTR M9000 series 11-speed Shimano rear derailleurs. • The GoatLink 11 mounts only to standard derailleur hangers. • Double chainrings (2x) is supported and requires a long cage (SGS) rear derailleur with no more than a 12t difference in front chainrings (with an 11-46t cassette). • Triple chainrings are not supported. • Direct Mount native frames and SRAM derailleurs are not supported. Performance Improvements with the GoatLink 11*: • 10-42t • Improved by 99% Free Chain in bottom cog (unsupported chain - shorter is better and will increase shifting precision): • 10-44t • Improved by 32% • 10-45t • Improved by 28% • 11-45t • Improved by 36% • 11-46t • Improved by 32% • 9-44t • Improved by 26% Chain Wrap in bottom cog: • 10-42t • Improved by 27% • 10-44t • Reduced by 9% • 10-45t • Reduced by 7% • 11-45t • Reduced by 8% • 11-46t • Improved by 12% • 9-44t • Reduced by 8% *Due to variations in derailleur hanger geometry, chainstay length, chainring size, B-screw adjustment, and suspension configuration, individual results will vary slightly.
• Improves Rear derailleur Function with extended range cassettes • High-performance and lightweight Technical Specifications • Weight: 19g • Material: 6061 aluminium • Included: stainless steel bolt • Torque: 8-10Nm • Made in the USA